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Dictionary is a very important tool when you learn Chinese. Please choose your favorite dictionary.
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Chinese Pronunciation Dictionary - If you do not know how to pronounce a Chinese word or Chinese sentence, system will give you an audio file of standard mandarin pronunciation. (Click the link, you will visit a GB web page)
Chinese Dictionary - Chinese-English, Chinese-Chinese, English-Chinese Dictionary
Other Reference Dictionaries:
Pinyin Tool - A web tool. Input pinyin, the related characters will be shown. You do not need to install anything.
Ciba - The largest Chinese-English and English-Chinese online Dictionary including dozens of dictionaries.
Tigernt - Chinese-English Online Dictionary. You can use pinyin to look up
Online Chinese idiom Dictionary - (Chinese Interface)
Zdic - Online Chinese-Chinese Dictionary
Fawen - Online Chinese-French Dictionary
Bitex - Online Chinese-Japanese Dictionary
Naver - Online Chinese-Korean Dictionary
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